Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Saving.........and spending...a lot!

This is our year of paying off debt.

We have done very very well until last fortnight.

Then we went on a Lindsey Lohan type binge.... but with money (not drugs) and we almost undid 3 months of saving effort!

And that doesn't include the thermomix I ordered as well....oops.

So some drastic efforts are being made to ensure this kind of thing doesn't set us back again. (The thermomix isn't going back though - just so we are clear.)

We have decided to jump on board with the no spend trend that is circulating...there are a million and one of these blogs, groups, clubs and hashtags going around, but ours is based very much in the reality of having four small humans living with us.

1. If it isn't on the essential list....we don't buy it.

2. If it isn't on the essential list and we really really want it, it goes on the save for list.

3. The save for list is checked and re-checked monthly to ensure our priorities haven't changed.

4. If it isn't on the essential list and we couldn't be bothered saving for it, we don't get it (we probably didn't want it that much anyway).

5. There is one loophole - there is a category on the essential list that states - 'emergency items'. This is there to include shoes that may be worn out, a fridge that is so close to dying it isn't funny, surgery's that may be needed etc.

To keep myself honest I would like to clarify here that emergency items do not include something just because it is on sale...or just because I just put it on the essentials list as we really needed it!

I remember trying to do this once didn't last. I didn't have Daddy Mudpie onside and I didn't take drastic action like I have this time to ensure we only have access to money we earned!

So stay wont be easy - but by the end of the year it will be worth it!

What do you do to save money?

L xo


  1. I thought you weren't getting a Thermi lol? I'm still considering it...
    We have different accounts and a really detailed budget so our income automatically gets divided up and goes into different accounts- some set aside for bills and expenses and any leftovers into a savings account. We give ourselves a cash allowance each week and I also have grocery money as cash so we don't touch the accounts (usually). I find it helps if I just don't go to the shops!
    Enjoy your new toy! I will be looking forward to hearing how you are finding it :)

  2. We decided it was worth it. I have used it pretty much every day, already made marmalade, barley flour, oatmeal etc. And I love it! I am not using it for soups as much as I thought, but then I have a freezer full of soup so thats probably why ;)
    When I was making the barley flour I said "I can't wait to tell Meg this!" I was so excited that I could make my own....and the cake was incredible :)
    I am thinking going back to a bills account would be the way to go, we stopped doing that when we bought this house, and it is the biggest mistake we made!