Saturday, 26 July 2014

5 things....

And exhale....

Has anyone felt the pressurised first 6 months of this year start to release over July? Apparently it all has to do with the cardinal grand cross' we have had. As well as planets being in signs they don't tend to work well with. Clearly I am no astrologer, but it all makes sense when I read it in context with what has been happening that week.

This is a really random and fun post to mark the end of the sun in Cancer as it moves into Leo (little mudpie's sign), and the new moon which is tonight. 

The new moon means its time to set some intentions and release anything no longer serving us. If you need some help with how to do this, head over to Inner Hue and sign up to grab her beautiful Moonmentum ritual guide, which gives you all the ins and outs!

Here are 5 things I am loving at the moment:

1. Meditones: AH-MAZ-ZING. Can't meditate? Just don't get it? Get these. I love meditating in heaps of different ways, but I must admit the old school sit still and let my mind be has taken AGES to get used to and some days I still need help to get to that. I use guided meditations as well as meditones when these days hit. I also listen to them when I am writing or researching, sewing, knitting, whatever. But they really only work with headphones on...just a heads up.

2. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance: It makes my soul sing. I just love this song. And there is nothing better than dancing around my lounge room to it while nobody is watching!

From Pinterest

3. My chakras: Okay this one is a little left field I know, but I am so slow that I have only just really gotten to know my beautiful energy centres. I have known about chakras for a reaaaalllllyyyyy long time, but I have never really accessed or used them. Now I have a grasp on how I can use my energy to work with me, it is incredible the world that is opening up to me. Again, I am no expert so jump on  google and get some info. Deepak's site is a good one!

From Pinterest

4. Ramadan: Again, I get it, totally out of nowhere. I have a (not so) secret love affair going on with Islam. I am not a Muslim but seriously, when taken the way the Quran intends this is such a beautiful religion. The community spirit of Muslims is incredible. Now triple that through Ramadan. Do you know that the fast is to acknowledge people who don't choose to fast but HAVE to? Did you know that it has now been proven that the fasting period of sunrise (fajr) to sunset (magrib) is actually extremely good for your health? Did you know that Muslim people are required to give extra Zakat (charity) during Ramadan to help orphans, widows and other needy people during Ramadan? But not only that, they also give Zakat during the rest of the year. That is humanity. People taking care of people who have less. 

5. My birthday: Yep. I got older. And I got cool presents! I may have had to buy them myself but they are AWESOME. Check out Violet Gray Designs. I got her chakra bracelet, her purification anklet and her hamsa hand necklace. I also got a very cool bunch of flowers from the mudpies and butterflies.


6: My new blog...coming soon! So excited about this one. I won't be leaving here, but I have a message I need to get out to the world. A message of acceptance and peace. And this isn't the right space for it, so I am going to have two beautiful bosom buddy blogs to give you. I would love it if you would come on over when it is done and check it out. The content will be heavier, well researched pieces on what is happening in the world. We need truth out there, its time to lead a revolution of HUMANITY. Just to give you an idea of the theme I am going with:

From Pinterest

Okay, its a rainy Saturday afternoon and I need a hot chocolate and Disney movie with my little ones, have a great weekend!

Leanne xo

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  1. Leanne - loved this post, totally agree about meditones - they ROCK!! and just ordered my first Violet Gray necklace yesterday. Can't wait to see how the blog develops.