Monday, 14 July 2014

Onions have layers...

I love Shrek. I am a huge fan.

We got Daddy Mudpie a waffle maker for Christmas last year because we are always saying '....and in the morning...we're having waffles!'

I also love the Ice Age movies too. Oh and Tinkerbell ... But I digress.

My favourite line from Shrek is 'Ogres are like onions, we have layers.'

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At the beginning of the year I set my intentions.

I forgot about them, to be honest, I went about my days, I went back to my Ego, I let myself live small for a few months. Some stuff happened. My eyes were opened. My heart was opened and broken.

I went back and looked at them on Saturday night as the super moon light flooded over me.

Number 1 : I want my life to encourage me to continue to peel off my layers.

This year my heart exploded. But do you know what? My heart is now bigger than before. It can feel the truth of the passion that I need to live. It is bruised and a little sore, but it is bigger and it is healing stronger than it was.

More layers have come off and I am closer than I have ever been to living in my passionate truth.

Yes onions have layers, but the analogy goes deeper than that, doesn't it. When we peel off the onions layers, it causes us to cry. Often, when we peel our layers away, it causes us pain, or at least unsettles us and often we cry.

So the big lesson here for me is:


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But if you don't get it, thats ok. Because your time will come when you will have something cross your path that alters your life to teach you this. Some people inherently know it. Some never get it. Thats all ok too, because at the end of the day our lives are how they are and they are perfect in their imperfections.

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Just remember your journey is yours and yours alone. I am lucky enough to have amazing people walking with me, who have loved me through this layer peel, but at the end of the day the lessons were mine to learn.

What have you learnt in the last 6 months?

Yours in kindness and love,

Leanne xo

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