About Me


My name is Leanne, thanks for stopping by :)

I am a mum to 4 gorgeous (but cheeky) kids, Big Mudpie, Big Butterfly, Little Butterfly and Little Mudpie. I am truly blessed to have amazingly caring, loving and curious children. Yes they fight, yes they get grumpy (don't we all), but they are my life purpose and I love that I enjoy their personalities so much.

I love creating, changing around my house, taking photos, cooking, gardening and learning. One should never stop learning! But my favourite thing of all time is to read...I cannot get enough of books!

I also have Hashimoto's Thyrioditis and a food additive allergy. Due to this, I am passionate about good, healthy, real food that helps your body to heal, grow and prosper. Much of my time is spent researching which foods help and heal and foods that can be used to make you feel alive.

I hope you enjoy your stay here...pop over and check out my pinterest boards as well as my instagram - @leamacka.

Have a wonderful day

Leanne xo